The Basics of Prescreening Applicants | GLC Group

In-person interviews deplete valuable resources and are expensive to conduct. It is prudent that the employers narrow down the list of potential candidates from the pool of applicants. Here’s how you can pre-screen applicants to gauge if a contender is worth investing in:

  • Cover Letter: An applicant’s cover letter neatly summarizes how pertinent their experiences are to the nature of the job and should be concise and well crafted.
  • Resume: The Resume reflects upon the skills, academic qualifications and traits a candidate possesses. Ensure that the candidate’s particulars are in line with your expectations.
  • Phone Interviews: Phone calls dig in to a candidate’s potential at a higher level. Phone interview questions not just inquire in to the candidate’s qualification and achievements but also their motivations, aspirations, expectations and experiences. Grade a candidate on the basis of his responses and interest in your company.