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For organizations with human resource needs and candidates seeking the right positions, GLC Group is the recruiting firm that creates value through high-quality placements and highly catered solutions. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, GLC Group invests the time and resources to truly understand organizations’ needs, discern candidates’ capabilities, and deliver sustainable results quickly.

Our commitment to excellence permeates throughout every level of our company - from our outstanding 
recruiting practices to the depth of our passionate customer service.


Our primary areas of expertise are: Healthcare, FinanceGovernment, and Information Technology.


  • Permanent Placement

    Obtain the permanent talent you desire by leveraging our robust national network of qualified professionals, deep industry expertise, and rigorous quality process. Our comprehensive assessment methodology ensures you obtain the ideal long-term candidate to fit within your corporate culture and further your organization's goals.

  • Temporary Staffing

    Fulfill your temporary staffing needs with our carefully selected talent. Our program involves a comprehensive and collaborative process that leads to a deep understanding of your organization's culture and requirements. This informed perspective, combined with our vast network of resources, results in timely, qualified, and culturally fitting candidates.

  • Creative Solutions

    We recognize that your organization has unique needs and requirements. With this in mind, we adapt to your organization’s specific situation using a collaborative approach to ensure timely, efficient, and accurate solutions. Our solutions range from open position approval to completion of employee onboarding.


  • Permanent Positions

    With GLC you can secure the permanent position you desire. We engage in a unique approach to understand your career plans, preferences, and needs that allow us to place you in your ideal position. Our national network, established over numerous years, provides countless opportunities for you to obtain the career you want.

  • Temporary Positions

    With a vast network of employers seeking to fill temporary positions we can help you to secure the position you desire. As a leader in the industry we receive many requests from employers on a daily basis. Using the latest technology and a collaborative approach we match your skills, personality, and needs with the requisitions of numerous organizations.

  • Creative Solutions

    We understand that each individual has different short and long-term career goals. This is why we offer creative solutions to help you accomplish those goals. Using a holistic approach we assess your career plans, expectations, and motivations, to create a custom strategy allowing you to further those goals.

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