Successfully Securing Temporary Jobs | GLC Group

With post-recession unemployment on the rise and your cash reserves running low, a temporary job would help pay the bills until you come across a more permanent solution. Here’s how you can secure a temporary job:

  • The resume you use to find a regular job might not perform as well when looking for temporary work. They are time-specific and rather want an account of your skills pertinent for the vacancy and not a detailed career history.
  • Hiring a temp is a potential risk for any business. They are inviting you to join their business at a short notice in positions that could be facing off to their own clients and employees. Word of mouth from the previous employer greatly enhances your credibility.
  • Target only those industries which have a potential for temp employees. If you have the skills or experience to fit these industries, even if it’s not your dream job or ultimate career goal, you still can find temp employment in a pinch.
  • Partner with a strategic recruiting partner, such as GLC Group, to help you connect with employers.