Benefits of High Tech Recruiting | GLC Group

LinkedIn has become the most imperative recruiting portal for both employers and employees. For all corporate recruiters looking for a database or source which includes a massive percentage of passive prospects, LinkedIn is simply alone at the top. Companies have now evolved from a model of “candidate relationship management” to a model of building a “talent network” from which to recruit. Here’s how LinkedIn would be beneficial for your company’s recruiting:

  • While it is relatively easier to stumble upon an immaculate profile, with skills and qualifications pertinent for the job, it is harder to gauge the cultural fit of the candidate for the company. The Connection Path module in LinkedIn Recruiter helps make this easier. This module helps see how you may be connected to a profile you are evaluating. This could be through your first degree or second-degree connection. Knowing this relationship can help you reach out to your network to get some further color on the prospect.
  • Search for employees based on references from recommenders you trust, the process used on LinkedIn in which members of your network can write notes of recommendation for you.
  • Joining LinkedIn groups is prudent, asparticipants in the same groups share interests, memberships, specializations, backgrounds, and experience that you seek in a potential employee. Group members may also refer to suitable candidates with the skills you seek.
  • LinkedIn profiles can be more accurate than resumes. Because their profiles are seen by so many colleagues and individuals (many of whom would have attended the same schools and worked at the same organization), it’s harder for an individual to “get by” with a profile that includes inaccurate information.
  • It has become a standard practice for most professionals to have a profile on LinkedIn. This is one way for a candidate to be active without being suspected of looking for a job. This also supplements the pool of talented individuals, both employed and unemployed!