4 Most Valuable Job Hunting Tools | GLC Group

If you are head-over-heels searching for your big break or striving to enter the work-force arena, these valuable tools would be indispensable for helping you realize your aspirations:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the go to place when researching a new company or making new connections. Keeping an up-to-date robust resume on LinkedIn, searching and joining pertinent groups and engaging in building professional networks, would help you connect with the right people to move up the corporate ladder.
  • Company’s Review Websites: Websites that provide an inside review in to the company lets an applicant gain insight in to the corporate culture, workplace practices and company values. By following these sites, you would be better prepared for interviews.
  • Email Signature: Email signatures are one of the most underrated branding tools. It lets your employer learn your expertise in what you do, how to contact you, learn more about you online and exudes professionalism.
  • Facebook: Facebook is a site that potential employers will most likely visit before inviting you for an interview. You can “like” companies that you are interested in, follow their posts, and even inquire about open positions that meet your skill set.