What makes GLC Different? | GLC Group

GLC is the best company for organizations who have human resource needs and candidates who are looking for the right positions. What GLC offers, unlike traditional recruiting firms, is an investment of time and resources to truly understand an organization’s needs. As well as implementing human capital services, discern candidates’ capabilities, and deliver sustainable results quickly.

When it comes to recruiting, GLC provides a full talent resource that offers innovative, flexible, and aggressive solutions. As well as having nationwide presence. GLC is known for providing their “mix and match” flexibility approach through a single point of contact. It will give the resources of the entire team within the GLC Group. When it comes to finding, and providing the right talent, GLC sets the standards and delivers the results. They don’t hire to just fill a job description, GLC works to fit within a company’s corporate culture by seeking talent that ultimately will grow within your company.

For over a decade, GLC has earned the reputation as one of the nation’s premier providers of recruitment services. It’s a company of top performance that offers unmatched expertise.  It has a proven record of accomplishments in providing both contingent workforce talent through GLC On-The-Go and Permanent Placement.  Many praise their Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing services through GLC Associates as being highly reliable.

“I have been recruiting medical professionals for over 25 years,” says Penne Ferrigno, one of GLC’s top recruiters.  “I have worked for large, international companies as well as small independent ones and GLC is the best organization by far.  The leadership is genuine and has created a work environment that feels like family.   The entire organization is focused on doing right by our clients and candidates which fills me with pride.”


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