Top Cover Letter and Resume Mistakes | GLC Group

Employers seek professional, detail oriented and reliable employees and an impeccable cover letter and resume goes a long way towards portraying the credibility and marketing the skills of the candidates. Here are a few top cover-letter and resume mistakes that would make an employer cringe:

  • Use spell and grammar check to save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Administer honesty about your skills, accomplishments, and work history, as the potential employer can use references to verify.
  • If you apply to a company and not for a specific job posting, remove the objective statement from your resume as it could limit your opportunities within that company.
  • Never forgo the cover letter as it gives you an opportunity to highlight your job specific skills to recruiters.
  • Don’t be vague in your cover letter about your desire to be interviewed. Proactive cover letters, in which the jobseeker requests an interview and promises to follow up with a phone call, are far more effective.
  • Don’t ramble on too long to narrate the story of your life/career and avoid using wimpy or informal language.
  • Never eliminate prerequisite details and avoid incorporating incomplete details about past employers
  • Never use a generic cover letter. Tailor your cover letter for each vacancy you apply for.