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Working with a strategic recruiting group like GLC helps you stay up to date on trends and regulations since it advises its clients as a free service. Here are a few changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare laws, that you need to plan for: The limits on the contribution to […]

Recent career forecasts suggest a favorable job market for job-seeking candidates this year. However, while applicants do have better chances of finding new jobs in 2015, the latest trends in recruitment caution candidates about employer requirements. Here are the trends that candidates should be aware of: A Competitive Job Market According to Career Builder’s hiring […]

Are you ready to augment your workforce this year? Keep these 5 employer trends in mind and emerge victorious in the competitive market and acquire the right human resources. Acquire the Services of a Recruitment Firm This will ease the recruitment hassle. For example, GLC Group is a recruiting firm that creates value through high-quality […]