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Employers seek professional, detail oriented and reliable employees and an impeccable cover letter and resume goes a long way towards portraying the credibility and marketing the skills of the candidates. Here are a few top cover-letter and resume mistakes that would make an employer cringe: Use spell and grammar check to save yourself from embarrassment. […]

In today’s economy, seamlessly switching from one place to another is not uncommon and employed candidates are more attractive to prospective employers. However, if you are indiscreet about your job hunt, you could set off a rumor mill, destroy your reputation and risk putting off your organization with a breach of ethics. To prevent burning […]

A top-notch resume is your gateway to success and markets your talents, aptitudes, and proficiency to the prospective employer. Preparing thousands of resumes for our candidates we’ve discovered a few tips you can incorporate to prepare an infallible resume: Seek professional resume preparation help. GLC Group prepares candidates and helps with their resumes and interviewing […]