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LinkedIn has become the most imperative recruiting portal for both employers and employees. For all corporate recruiters looking for a database or source which includes a massive percentage of passive prospects, LinkedIn is simply alone at the top. Companies have now evolved from a model of “candidate relationship management” to a model of building a […]

Elucidating the recent hiring trends, LinkedIn seems to be making the highlights. Here’s how you can employ LinkedIn to augment the recruitment process: LinkedIn makes it easy to post and distribute current job openings to both active and passive prospects. When you are seeking active candidates, use LinkedIn job postings as a supplement to your […]

Your laborious recruiting efforts turn up a myriad of candidates whose commendable skills and immaculate background seems aligned with the needs of your organization. But, how do you gauge if the candidate is the right fit for your organizational culture and would sustain your company’s competitive advantage? The GLC Group helps you connect with talent to […]

The war for top talent is brutal and is synonymous with the triumph of your company. Here are a few tips that your business can incorporate to appeal to the top notch intellects: Promotion opportunities: if a candidate- unemployed or employed- can’t envision any potential for growth and progress, they are less likely to join […]

The topic of minimum wage changes is a hotly contested one among big and small businesses. Here’s how the increase in the minimum wage will affect your business: An increase in the minimum wage expands your staffing costs. To comply with the law, businesses have to pay extra each month. Some businesses push it over […]

Many businesses outsource their staffing functions to professional recruiters at strategic staffing companies. Here’s how partnering with a staffing company is beneficial: For organizations with human resource needs, a staffing company, like the GLC Group, is a recruiting firm that creates value through high-quality placements and highly catered solutions. GLC Group invests the time and […]

For many companies, recruitment is a hassle compounded by the wastage of irretrievable working hours and resources. Increasingly, more businesses are learning about the benefits of leveraging the services of a staffing company, like the GLC Group. Here are 4 benefits you can reap by partnering up with a recruitment firm like GLC: 1)    Expertise […]

According to CareerBuilder, and confirmed by our own research, candidates go through 4 stages during job searches. These are – Orientation Consideration Action Engagement This was the result of a research that surveyed over 2,775 hiring managers and 5,518 job seekers. The purpose of CareerBuilder’s survey was to understand modern approaches to candidate recruitments. The […]