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In-person interviews deplete valuable resources and are expensive to conduct. It is prudent that the employers narrow down the list of potential candidates from the pool of applicants. Here’s how you can pre-screen applicants to gauge if a contender is worth investing in: Cover Letter: An applicant’s cover letter neatly summarizes how pertinent their experiences […]

Your laborious recruiting efforts turn up a myriad of candidates whose commendable skills and immaculate background seems aligned with the needs of your organization. But, how do you gauge if the candidate is the right fit for your organizational culture and would sustain your company’s competitive advantage? The GLC Group helps you connect with talent to […]

Most employees feel trepidation and apprehension when skirting the subject of negotiating their salaries during interviews or after a performance review. With proper research, you can get a clear idea of how much you should be earning for your services and negotiate with confidence: Research a fair figure. It is crucial to be aware of […]

Have you landed a job interview? Congratulations! Your resume has gotten you so far but the interview is the only face-to-face chance to sell a prospective employer on hiring you. Here are 5 stellar tips for acing an interview: 1.     Research the Company Research the company beforehand and learn about its size, location, services and […]

A top-notch resume is your gateway to success and markets your talents, aptitudes, and proficiency to the prospective employer. Preparing thousands of resumes for our candidates we’ve discovered a few tips you can incorporate to prepare an infallible resume: Seek professional resume preparation help. GLC Group prepares candidates and helps with their resumes and interviewing […]