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The stack of Resumes and Cover Letters that pour in everyday can be a drain on resources as each Applicant who is brought in and interviewed is not ultimately the best fit for the job. Pre-screening allows employers to narrow down the pool of applicants to those who best merit their attention. Here’s how you […]

While job éclat and commendable work skills are imperative to look for in a candidate, most companies are also interested in gauging the candidate’s cultural fit to access how well the candidate aligns with the goals of the company. Most organizations craft a drab list of tasks and qualifications that suffice as a job description, […]

Your company is at war for top talent and top-flight candidates whom have more employment options than ever before. Global giants have an enticing pull with the bevy of benefits, recognition, and monetary benefits while also being talent magnets. So how do you woo the best candidates and build a persuasive case as to why your […]

For many companies, recruitment is a hassle compounded by the wastage of irretrievable working hours and resources. Increasingly, more businesses are learning about the benefits of leveraging the services of a staffing company, like the GLC Group. Here are 4 benefits you can reap by partnering up with a recruitment firm like GLC: 1)    Expertise […]

Recent career forecasts suggest a favorable job market for job-seeking candidates this year. However, while applicants do have better chances of finding new jobs in 2015, the latest trends in recruitment caution candidates about employer requirements. Here are the trends that candidates should be aware of: A Competitive Job Market According to Career Builder’s hiring […]

According to CareerBuilder, and confirmed by our own research, candidates go through 4 stages during job searches. These are – Orientation Consideration Action Engagement This was the result of a research that surveyed over 2,775 hiring managers and 5,518 job seekers. The purpose of CareerBuilder’s survey was to understand modern approaches to candidate recruitments. The […]

RPO seems to have many different meanings, depending on who you ask. I’d say it’s simply outsourcing a piece of or all of a recruiting department. However, RPO means so much more than that to me, maybe because it is my chosen path and I’m passionate about it. Why, you ask? Because I’ve seen what […]