Pros and Cons of Shifting To Part-time and Independent Contractors from Full-time Employment | GLC Group

Businesses around the world are downsizing to more flexible employment methods to cut costs. Partner with a strategic recruiting agency like GLC to glean the advantages of its temporary staffing services. However, there are certain pros and cons to hiring independent contractors:


  • Independent contractors afford greater flexibility. When you work with an IC and it’s not a good match, you simply don’t employ their services again.
  • you can reduce your exposure to lawsuits in violation of employee rights
  • You are not required to offer any benefits, such as health insurance, pension, sick leaves, pay payroll taxes, worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance, and pay/hour for when the service is required.
  • IC’s bring specialized expertise to a job and alleviate the overheads of training.


  • Your business loses control over how tasks are performed since IC’s have complete autonomy
  • They lack the sense of company loyalty and commitment.
  • All copyrights are owned by them unless otherwise stated
  • Independent contractors come and go as they are only hired for short term projects and this causes inconvenience and disruption.