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GLC's understands that every organization has very unique needs and fabricates creative solutions for every specific case. We recognize that utilizing a recruiting firm represents a significant investment for your organization, and have developed processes to ensure a maximum return and effectiveness of your investment. GLC invests significant time and resources to ensure that you receive the tailored support and talent you need while endeavouring to exceed your expectations. We engage in a collaborative approach to truly understand your needs, goals, and company culture prior to engaging in the placement process.

Unlike other recruiting firms, we will NOT utilize a "one size fits all" approach. We tailor strategies consisting of various services to specifically fit your needs. Such a custom approach yields the greatest benefit to our clients as they truly have a partner in GLC. Our talent specialists know that every decision they make directly impacts your business and every creative solution we develop must focus on what is best for you. We take the initiative to study your company culture, goals, and to get to know every specific detail regarding what your company needs. This comprehensive approach, along with our significant expertise and experience, offers you peace-of-mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best… grow your business.

GLC's creative solutions allow for:

  • Enhancing your employment branding through elevated candidate communications

  • Strengthening your employee referral program by broadening your internal marketing efforts

  • Increasing hire quality through our innovative screening process customized for your specific needs

  • Increasing employee retention by matching the right people with the right culture/environment

  • Customizing metrics that provide transparencies throughout the recruiting lifecycle

  • Increasing OFCCP and EEOC awareness to decrease risks associated with hiring

  • Decreasing time to fill positions through increased efficiencies and our network of qualified talent

  • Improving problem resolution and efficiencies by providing an objective point of view

  • Allowing HR management to focus on key risk initiatives by assuming day-to-day operations

  • Optimizing and streamlining HR operating and transaction functions

  • Bringing in efficient and proven recruiting processes


There are numerous services that GLC offers that can be used in a tailored solution. Below are a sample of some of the services that have served our clients well over the past decade. Services can be assembled in any combination that fits your organizations particular needs.

  1. End-to-End Recruiting Solutions

    From open position approval until completion of employee onboarding. This solution covers hiring needs within all facets of your organization. Our End to End Solutions can also be focused around specific areas of growth within your company, be it a geographic area or a specific department.

  2. Front End Recruiting Solutions

    This solution implements various proprietary sourcing models including tapping into our extensive network of qualified candidates.

  3. Back End Recruiting Solutions

    This solution primarily commences any point after an initial interview to onboarding and training.

  4. Payroll and Benefit Administration

    We deliver employee benefits and payroll administration solutions tailored to your organization. Our trained staff keeps abreast of the ever changing regulations and ensures our clients are always kept in compliance.

  5. Employee Scheduling

    With cutting edge technology we are able to provide our clients with a top level employee scheduling solution. It has be utilized with nationwide employers with complex scheduling needs to smaller firms with simpler needs.

  6. Employee Performance Management

    Our employee performance management solution helps to establish an understanding of the organization’s overall goals. It then aligns those objectives with employee metrics, skills, and overall development. The end result is a highly effective and performing workforce.

  7. Employee Data Management

    Employee data management must submit to both state and federal law regarding the maintenance of employee info. We ensure the accuracy of this data, compliance with relevant laws, and its orderly storage.

  8. Training and Development

    Training and development of employees is primarily concerned with bettering the performance of each individual. These improvements are then reflected in the overall performance of the organization.


We have purposely chosen to focus our efforts on a select few areas and as a result are a leading recruiting firm within each. These are areas that we have been involved with for numerous years and that our staff have extensive knowledge in servicing. Over the years we have established vast networks of candidates some whom are seeking new opportunities.

  1. Finance

    We have been providing end-to-end workforce needs for the financial sector for over a decade. Whether it’s Banking, Wealth Management, Investment Services or an organization’s internal accounting and finance departments, our team of industry experts will help you achieve your goals.

  2. Government

    As a strategic supplier and partner to the federal government, we offer comprehensive solutions, providing Government Agencies with highly skilled and security-cleared professionals. We have a unique grasp of what the government requires and understand the procedures necessary when working with the federal government.

  3. Healthcare

    GLC ‘s global network of healthcare professionals and employers, combined with our years of industry experience, provide unparalleled knowledge in the areas of acute care hospitals, physician practice groups, managed care facilities, pharmacies, long-term care, mail order, retail and government healthcare facilities.

  4. Information Technology

    GLC’S global network of IT professionals, combined with our team’s extensive industry knowledge, delivers unmatched expertise in the areas of Aerospace and Defense, Communications, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate and Technology.



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