LinkedIn: The Latest Trend in Recruiting | GLC Group

Elucidating the recent hiring trends, LinkedIn seems to be making the highlights. Here’s how you can employ LinkedIn to augment the recruitment process:

  • LinkedIn makes it easy to post and distribute current job openings to both active and passive prospects. When you are seeking active candidates, use LinkedIn job postings as a supplement to your normal job-posting channels.
  • If you seek additional information on a prospect and their cultural fit with your company, LinkedIn provides a recommendation feature. It can provide additional insights into the individual and what others have experienced when working with them.
  • Since many executives have LinkedIn profiles, the LinkedIn database may allow your internal recruiters to replace some external executive searches.
  • Search for potential employees by past or current employer who may have employed people with the skills and experience you seek for your company.
  • You can ask your current employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential passive candidates for jobs.