How to Size Up Candidates for a Right Cultural Fit | GLC Group

While job éclat and commendable work skills are imperative to look for in a candidate, most companies are also interested in gauging the candidate’s cultural fit to access how well the candidate aligns with the goals of the company.

  • Most organizations craft a drab list of tasks and qualifications that suffice as a job description, without paying heed to the cultural fit. By focusing on job culture in the job description, you can make sure only the right candidates apply.
  • Schedule candid interviews to make sure any façade is worn through. Come up with interview questions that dig deep in to the candidates’ commitment, aspirations, passion, drive and the motivation to develop. A potential hire without unflinching motivation winds up unproductive.
  • Determine the past working culture of the employee and ask them how they coped with it. Did they bail out or persevere? Assess if they exude kindness towards past coworkers or bitterness regarding their past employers.