How to Secure a Temporary Position to Supplement Your Income | GLC Group

With the cost of living soaring beyond belief, more employees are inclined towards securing temporary vacancies to supplement their income, augment experience in industry and get their foot in the door with an employer. Companies hire short-term employees when they are looking to try and if the cards are played right, the gig can parlay in to a full-term job. If you are thinking of entering the temporary workforce, here are 5 commendable tips for securing a viable placement:

  • Look up an agency which caters to your area of expertise. Agency-placed temporary jobs are a growing haven for laid-off professionals and those in skilled trades. A staffing firm, such as GLC, helps candidates connect with the right vacancy. Peruse the job listings regularly to get a feel for what matches your skills and goals and to stay in the loop.
  • Some employers post their temp jobs on their websites or through job boards. You may find these job postings through the Internet, like any other job postings.
  • Tweaking your resume is indispensable as temporary jobs are goal-oriented and time-specific and a blow-by-blow chronology of your career is not required. Rather, the skill sets pertinent for the job, major accomplishments or academic qualifications relevant to the job are to be elucidated.
  • Check your ego at the door and be willing to counter the “overqualified” conundrum. Employers are often hesitant about hiring seasoned employees, “overqualified” for the job, lest they quit midway. Alleviate their fears and make it clear that you are open to new job experiences and learning opportunities, as a way of making yourself more marketable.
  • Since the wages for a temporary job varies dramatically, based on market factors and experience. Never imply you would take anything, and then rebuff offers due to a lower than expected salary. Always give your least expected salary to the employer so you won’t get offered anything less.