How To Negotiate Your Salary | GLC Group

Most employees feel trepidation and apprehension when skirting the subject of negotiating their salaries during interviews or after a performance review. With proper research, you can get a clear idea of how much you should be earning for your services and negotiate with confidence:

  • Research a fair figure. It is crucial to be aware of the ongoing rates for your disposition in your geographical area or industry. New recruits are normally paid along this spectrum in big organizations.
  • Never be the first to plunge into the negotiation. Wait until the interviewer puts forward his offer on the table before you disclose your expectations.
  • Never accept the first offer by the employer and make a counteroffer. Your counteroffer can also incorporate bonuses, vacation time, stock options and a flexible working schedule in addition to the base salary.
  • If the employer rejects your counteroffer, be persistent, push back and justify yourself.
  • Portray to your employer how you can contribute to the company’s baseline and are worthy of an investment.