How To Know If Candidates Are A Right Fit | GLC Group

Your laborious recruiting efforts turn up a myriad of candidates whose commendable skills and immaculate background seems aligned with the needs of your organization. But, how do you gauge if the candidate is the right fit for your organizational culture and would sustain your company’s competitive advantage? The GLC Group helps you connect with talent to find the right match. You don’t want to hire someone who is working just to pay the bills, but an individual whose unflinching commitment, drive and passion to learn takes your company to soaring heights.

1)    Weave in Interview Questions

It is imperative to come up with questions that unravel a potential candidate’s passion, drive and problem solving analytical skills. Incorporate in-depth questions in addition to the basic questions centered on competency, values and teamwork. Assess how the candidate tackles work obstacles by presenting a problem and asking how they would go about handling it. There are no right and wrong answers but it would give you deep insight in to the thinking pattern of the potential hire. Ask them how they relate to the company or what intrigued them to apply for the job. If the candidate seems to stumble and waver, chances are he didn’t do his homework and is not really interested in the company.

2)   Pay Attention to the Applications

Read between the lines. Voluminous bulks of applications ensue after a job posting and this initial interaction is the most important step. A serious candidate crafts an individual interesting cover letter, follows up with a call or email and has an impeccable resume that caters to your needs. A candidate that fires off his resume without the urge to be remembered portrays lack of eagerness.

3)   Use References the Right Way

Companies often ask their candidates to provide credible references but make sure you use their contacts to their full potential in gleaning out information about the candidate. E.g. instead of simply inquiring after the work performance and productivity of the candidate, also ask for their sense of humor, interaction with the team, extracurricular activities or any other personalized aspect which matters to your company’s culture.