How to Ensure Cultural Fit with Potential Hires | GLC Group

It is prudent for an employer to gauge if the potential candidate’s beliefs, goals, behavior and outlook is congruent with the organizational culture, besides their skills and qualification. Here‘s how to determine a potential hire’s cultural fit:

  • By focusing on culture in the job description, companies can foster better candidate self-selection, saving precious time in the hiring process.
  • Using a one-way video interview, employers can prompt jobseekers to briefly answer set questions, such as their ideal work environment, how they addressed a mistake in life, the best aspect of their current job or their definition of success.
  • Use tools such as Realistic Job Previews and/or ‘Day in the Life’ profiles to help applicants’ self-screen. These enable applicants to better understand the dynamics of a particular job and organization and make decisions early about the suitability for the position.
  • Use your most engaged employees to help you screen out incompatible candidates. Encouraging interaction between both sides can predict whether a candidate will mesh with or alienate your existing team.
  • Partner with a strategic recruiting firm, like GLC, which takes the time and resources to understand a firm’s culture to ensure an optimal fit.