Hire Smart: How to Prescreen Your Applicants | GLC Group
screen candidates

The stack of Resumes and Cover Letters that pour in everyday can be a drain on resources as each Applicant who is brought in and interviewed is not ultimately the best fit for the job. Pre-screening allows employers to narrow down the pool of applicants to those who best merit their attention. Here’s how you can prescreen the candidates to streamline the recruitment and hiring process:

  • The cover letters of each candidate should be diligently analyzed as it is a concise and well-crafted overview of their most relevant experiences for the job. It painstakingly summarizes why the applicant is right for the post. Poorly constructed and ambiguous cover letters might be a solid ground for eliminating a candidate.
  • The Applicant’s resume should reflect the pertinent skills and qualifications relevant to the nature of the job. The job description can be used to determine the criteria for your review. Ascertain that the candidate’s academic background and past experience are in line with the job. Be attuned to potential red flags, such as ambiguous details, long spells of unemployment and contradictory phrases. A well-suited candidate always prepares a well-organized resume that is tailored to the specific position.
  • Some Companies employ assessment tools that evaluate a candidate’s aptness with the company. These tools measure personality traits along with the candidate’s approach to problem solving. Employers generally eliminate those candidates from the list who don’t provide the desired responses.
  • Some employers conduct phone interviews as part of their pre-screening process before meeting the candidate. These often consist of basic questions regarding their academic background, previous job responsibilities and reason for leaving, the type of job and environment they are seeking, expected salary and compensation, career goals, motivation and their interest in the position.
  • Most companies engage the services of a third-party recruiter, such as GLC group, to pre-screen candidates. GLC allocates time and resources to effectively select the best potential candidates to alleviate the company of this hassle. Where there is a large pool of applicants, using an outside agency can be helpful in narrowing down the pile of resumes before calling in formal interviewees.