GLC Insights | GLC Group - Part 3

GLC Insights

19Aug 2015

In-person interviews deplete valuable resources and are expensive to conduct. It is prudent that the employers narrow down the list of potential candidates from the pool of applicants. Here’s how you can pre-screen applicants to gauge if a contender is worth investing in: Cover Letter: An applicant’s cover letter neatly summarizes how pertinent their experiences […]

17Aug 2015

Whether you are stepping up to the threshold of the professional realm or seeking enhanced opportunities, a job hunt could prove daunting. To augment your chances of being discovered by headhunters or simply keeping ears to the ground for some incredible new opportunity to crop up, certain tools are indispensable. A proactive and effective job […]

12Aug 2015

While job éclat and commendable work skills are imperative to look for in a candidate, most companies are also interested in gauging the candidate’s cultural fit to access how well the candidate aligns with the goals of the company. Most organizations craft a drab list of tasks and qualifications that suffice as a job description, […]

10Aug 2015

Your job is your livelihood and while the appalling prospect and repercussion of losing it might seem dreadful, you have certain rights at the workplace that shouldn’t be overlooked by your employer. The GLC Group keeps you abreast of the latest developments and informs you of your rights so that you know when to put […]

03Aug 2015

Businesses around the world are downsizing to more flexible employment methods to cut costs. Partner with a strategic recruiting agency like GLC to glean the advantages of its temporary staffing services. However, there are certain pros and cons to hiring independent contractors: PROS: Independent contractors afford greater flexibility. When you work with an IC and […]