GLC Insights | GLC Group - Part 2

GLC Insights

10Sep 2015

With post-recession unemployment on the rise and your cash reserves running low, a temporary job would help pay the bills until you come across a more permanent solution. Here’s how you can secure a temporary job: The resume you use to find a regular job might not perform as well when looking for temporary work. […]

08Sep 2015

Elucidating the recent hiring trends, LinkedIn seems to be making the highlights. Here’s how you can employ LinkedIn to augment the recruitment process: LinkedIn makes it easy to post and distribute current job openings to both active and passive prospects. When you are seeking active candidates, use LinkedIn job postings as a supplement to your […]

02Sep 2015
screen candidates

The stack of Resumes and Cover Letters that pour in everyday can be a drain on resources as each Applicant who is brought in and interviewed is not ultimately the best fit for the job. Pre-screening allows employers to narrow down the pool of applicants to those who best merit their attention. Here’s how you […]

31Aug 2015

If you are head-over-heels searching for your big break or striving to enter the work-force arena, these valuable tools would be indispensable for helping you realize your aspirations: LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the go to place when researching a new company or making new connections. Keeping an up-to-date robust resume on LinkedIn, searching and joining pertinent […]

27Aug 2015

It is prudent for an employer to gauge if the potential candidate’s beliefs, goals, behavior and outlook is congruent with the organizational culture, besides their skills and qualification. Here‘s how to determine a potential hire’s cultural fit: By focusing on culture in the job description, companies can foster better candidate self-selection, saving precious time in […]

25Aug 2015

Employers seek professional, detail oriented and reliable employees and an impeccable cover letter and resume goes a long way towards portraying the credibility and marketing the skills of the candidates. Here are a few top cover-letter and resume mistakes that would make an employer cringe: Use spell and grammar check to save yourself from embarrassment. […]