The GLC Associates’ Advantage

You will discover the GLC Advantage in everything we do. Whether it’s utilizing our extensive candidate database on a contingent level or turning to us to manage all your recruitment needs, GLC has the right formula and processes to meet the demands of any industry through our scalable and flexible recruitment solutions.

The GLC Advantage starts with one of the single most important components to recruiting in any industry – the candidate experience. The reason – every candidate that is in contention for a position could be a positive influence on your company’s brand. That is why we have developed a proprietary methodology that is focused on the candidate experience. This “high touch” approach is engineered to make every candidate, at every stage, feel that their experience with you was positive, respectful and meaningful.

Then we use our proprietary process to identify the key characteristics best suited for each company and each position. GLC sets the standards that deliver the results you’d expect from an industry leader.

The GLC Advantage includes:


Our mission is to present the best possible pool of qualified candidates for each position, both active and passive. To deliver on this mission, we first review your current, historical and ongoing needs, the market, your employer brand, the competitive landscape, the quantity and the speed required for each position. We then create a recruiting strategy that outlines labor market conditions and demographics and pair that information with recruiting tactics and sources.

We are responsible for all candidate sourcing by utilizing our integrated multi-pronged sourcing strategy and recruitment plan; the integrated recruitment plan will utilize select GLC methodologies and tools to source qualified candidates, including but not limited to:

  • Internet Recruiting
  • Social Networking
  • Passive Candidate Mining
  • Invite Only Job Events
  • Targeted Cold-calling Techniques
  • Research Firms
  • Classified Advertising
  • Leveraging of Current Candidate Pipeline


GLC understands how important your company brand is and we immerse ourselves into your corporate culture on a global, national, regional, and local level to make the best talent matches based on skills and company fit. This drastically reduces turnover and increases company production on all levels.


We facilitate the hiring process to the candidates and hiring managers. Once the right candidates have been selected, our team goes to work in developing and coordinating interviews to expedite the hiring process. After the interview process, we hold a de-brief session with the interview team to gather feedback and collaborate on offer formulation.


To ensure a smooth onboarding process, GLC assists every step of the way. This begins with pre-placement activities and paperwork to maintaining a connection with the selected candidate and preparing them to be productive member of your team from day one.

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