Fine-Tuning Your Social Media Presence/Reputation before Commencing a Job Search | GLC Group

Taking a plunge into the realm of social media as part of your professional life can be simultaneously daunting and rewarding. Below are tips to make sure your social media presence is iron clad to enhance your credibility to the employer:

  • Be proactive by setting up a LinkedIn account. Take stock of your experiences and skills, join relevant groups and grow your professional network.
  • Let headhunters know your presence by reaching out in a professionally assertive way.
  • Sending out generic resumes through job boards do not work anymore Instead, spend time building your network on various social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, since companies employ social media to find talent.
  • Minimize the impact of negative influence. Set all your personal social media accounts to the highest levels of privacy.
  • Join relevant online conversations and contribute as a smart informed source.
  • Start a professional blog based on your industry that portrays your expertise.