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Organization Related

22Feb 2017

The new year is finally here and we all started developing an open mind for new opportunities and challenges. One of those challenges being an increase of wage growth for workers. This might sound as positive news for workers, but if you are an employer in Human Resources, this might be a huge problem. The […]

16Sep 2015

LinkedIn has become the most imperative recruiting portal for both employers and employees. For all corporate recruiters looking for a database or source which includes a massive percentage of passive prospects, LinkedIn is simply alone at the top. Companies have now evolved from a model of “candidate relationship management” to a model of building a […]

08Sep 2015

Elucidating the recent hiring trends, LinkedIn seems to be making the highlights. Here’s how you can employ LinkedIn to augment the recruitment process: LinkedIn makes it easy to post and distribute current job openings to both active and passive prospects. When you are seeking active candidates, use LinkedIn job postings as a supplement to your […]

02Sep 2015
screen candidates

The stack of Resumes and Cover Letters that pour in everyday can be a drain on resources as each Applicant who is brought in and interviewed is not ultimately the best fit for the job. Pre-screening allows employers to narrow down the pool of applicants to those who best merit their attention. Here’s how you […]

27Aug 2015

It is prudent for an employer to gauge if the potential candidate’s beliefs, goals, behavior and outlook is congruent with the organizational culture, besides their skills and qualification. Here‘s how to determine a potential hire’s cultural fit: By focusing on culture in the job description, companies can foster better candidate self-selection, saving precious time in […]

19Aug 2015

In-person interviews deplete valuable resources and are expensive to conduct. It is prudent that the employers narrow down the list of potential candidates from the pool of applicants. Here’s how you can pre-screen applicants to gauge if a contender is worth investing in: Cover Letter: An applicant’s cover letter neatly summarizes how pertinent their experiences […]

12Aug 2015

While job éclat and commendable work skills are imperative to look for in a candidate, most companies are also interested in gauging the candidate’s cultural fit to access how well the candidate aligns with the goals of the company. Most organizations craft a drab list of tasks and qualifications that suffice as a job description, […]

03Aug 2015

Businesses around the world are downsizing to more flexible employment methods to cut costs. Partner with a strategic recruiting agency like GLC to glean the advantages of its temporary staffing services. However, there are certain pros and cons to hiring independent contractors: PROS: Independent contractors afford greater flexibility. When you work with an IC and […]

28Jul 2015

Your laborious recruiting efforts turn up a myriad of candidates whose commendable skills and immaculate background seems aligned with the needs of your organization. But, how do you gauge if the candidate is the right fit for your organizational culture and would sustain your company’s competitive advantage? The GLC Group helps you connect with talent to […]

20Jul 2015

High employee turnover is detrimental to a company’s bottom-line. The overheads of recruiting and training an employee are far greater than retaining an employee. Here’s how you can decrease turnover at your company: When hiring candidates, don’t just gauge their skills but also their alignment with the company’s culture. Aim to develop employees and provide […]