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We understand that each individual has different short and long-term career goals. This is why we offer creative solutions to help you accomplish those goals. Using a holistic approach we assess your career plans, expectations, and motivations, to create a custom strategy allowing you to further those goals.

GLC's understands that every individual has very unique needs and goals and fabricates creative solutions for every specific case. GLC invests significant time and resources to ensure that you receive the tailored support and guidance you need while endeavouring to exceed your expectations. We engage in a collaborative approach to truly understand your needs, goals, and desires prior to engaging in the placement process.

Unlike other recruiting firms, we will NOT utilize a "one size fits all" approach. We tailor strategies consisting of various services to specifically fit your needs. Such a custom approach yields the greatest benefit to our candidates as they truly have a partner in GLC. Our talent specialists know that every decision they make directly impacts your future and every creative solution we develop must focus on what is best for you. We take the initiative to study your short and long-term goals, and to get to know every specific detail regarding what your need. This comprehensive approach, along with our significant expertise and experience, offers you peace-of-mind that you have a partner to help you achieve your goals.

GLC's creative solutions allow you to:

  • Obtain access to exclusive temporary and permanent positions

  • Rest assured that opportunities presented to you will meet your requirements

  • Uncover the most fitting opportunities in the shortest amount of time

  • Fulfill your short-term and long-term goals

  • Have a recruiting partner that knows your needs, goals, and requirements


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We have purposely chosen to focus our efforts on a select few areas and as a result are a leading recruiting firm within each. These are areas that we have been involved with for numerous years and that our staff have extensive knowledge in servicing. Over the years we have established vast networks of candidates some whom are seeking new opportunities.

  1. Finance

    We have been providing end-to-end workforce needs for the financial sector for over a decade. Whether it’s Banking, Wealth Management, Investment Services or an organization’s internal accounting and finance departments, our team of industry experts will help you achieve your goals.

  2. Government

    As a strategic supplier and partner to the federal government, we offer comprehensive solutions, providing Government Agencies with highly skilled and security-cleared professionals. We have a unique grasp of what the government requires and understand the procedures necessary when working with the federal government.

  3. Healthcare

    GLC ‘s global network of healthcare professionals and employers, combined with our years of industry experience, provide unparalleled knowledge in the areas of acute care hospitals, physician practice groups, managed care facilities, pharmacies, long-term care, mail order, retail and government healthcare facilities.

  4. Information Technology

    GLC’S global network of IT professionals, combined with our team’s extensive industry knowledge, delivers unmatched expertise in the areas of Aerospace and Defense, Communications, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate and Technology.